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Queen Eleanor Primary School

Queen Eleanor Primary School

Class 1

Hello! Good to see you back everyone! A special big welcome to our new reception children- we are amazed how independently they are coming into the classroom each morning! We are already having lots of fun and settling in really quickly- a fantastic start!

Our class topic this term is ‘Frozen planet’. We will be using globes and atlases to identify the continents and find out where the polar regions of the world are. We will learn to use maps and compass directions and the significance of the equator in relation to climate. The class will find out about the people who live in Antarctica, what the climate is like, how they travel, food they eat and of course the amazing animals that live there! We will also gain an insight into explorers of the past and the affects of climate change. Our inside role play area is set up with an igloo, fishing hole and campfire and outside we have a ‘Frozen Castle’ with Olaf, Anna and Elsa- any excuse for a bit of Disney- all to encourage literacy, numeracy and creative learning through play.

In English, the class will be hearing stories and poems with a ‘Polar’ theme including Lost and Found, Iris and Isaac and The Bear Who Said Boo! Later in the term we will also look at non fiction books and write our own mini information books about our favourite arctic animal. The Reception children are learning to write their names, recognise and form letters correctly and give meaning to any letters or marks they make- an essential first step to writing! The year 1 and 2 children are focusing on writing sentences using correct punctuation, using ‘and’, ‘because’ and other conjunctions to join their sentences. They will be writing for a range of purposes and using phonic knowledge to spell words more independently. Our daily letters and sounds activities will continue and in your child’s reading folder you will find any tricky words and the phonemes we are working on this term. On a Monday your child ( years 1 and 2) will be given spellings to learn for a quiz on Friday and will also be given either a Maths or English piece of homework,  again to be completed and handed in to Miss Milne on a Friday morning. There is also an expectation that you will hear your child read at least 3 times a week too.

We have started the term by sorting and counting in maths. The reception children will be learning to count accurately, recognise numbers and start to put them in order. They will be making repeating patterns and learning to describe and name shapes. The year 1s will now be working with numbers beyond 20, the year 2’s working with numbers beyond 100! They are learning about tens and units, recognizing doubles, comparing and ordering, counting on and back in 1’s, 2’s, 5’s and 10’s and of course adding and subtracting too. The class will be learning to estimate and measure weight and length and will order the days of the week, the seasons and months of the year!

In Class 1 our science lessons will also have a ‘Polar’ focus- we will compare the differences between things which are living, dead and things that have never been alive by thinking about life processes. The children will understand the term’ habitat’ and we will explore which animals live in particular habitats and why (especially those Arctic and Antarctic animals). We will look at how living things in a habitat depend on each other and we will learn about food chains.

Our P.E. days are now Wednesdays and Fridays (swimming). Please ensure your child has their kit in school and that every item is labeled!  We are encouraging independence when undressing and dressing but this often means their clothes could be anywhere around the classroom (or even on someone else’s body!) so it is essential that their clothes have their name in!

Wow! We are going to be busy and have lots of fun! Of course, if you have any questions or concerns please pop in and let us know.







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