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Queen Eleanor Primary School

Queen Eleanor Primary School

Class 1

Hello! Hope you all had a great Summer- it is great to see everyone back in class! A special welcome to all the new children in Class 1- they are settling in so quickly and have been so brave at coming into the classroom each morning by themselves-you are brilliant! We can see we are going to have lots of fun together!

Our class topic this term is ‘Where We Live’ and we have turned our inside role play area into a kitchen! The children are already ‘preparing meals’, looking after babies, washing pots and even dusting as well as writing shopping lists, reading labels and weighing- fabulous learning opportunities through play! We will be learning about our own homes and addresses; using different maps including OS maps and Google Earth to look at our villages, streets and the buildings or features we find there. We will explore the immediate area around school and draw sketch maps. We will also use compass directions before focusing on physical and human features in our local area (Lincoln in particular). We will learn about the importance of the Romans in Lincoln, Lincoln Castle and the city itself.

In the outside area our role play is based around ‘ Jack and The Beanstalk’- Watch out for those golden eggs!

Our art work will focus on pattern and design; brick patterns, wallpaper, garden design and fabrics used in the home as well as Family Crests, Heraldry and tapestry found in Castles.

Our English lessons will also reflect this ‘Local area’ theme- traditional stories in familiar settings such as ‘The Tiger Who Came to Tea’, new fiction such as ‘Last Stop On Market Street’ and lots of exciting castle and dragon adventures! We will be enjoying both fiction and non-fiction texts, writing our names, learning letter shapes, labels and captions and then focusing on writing sentences using capital letters, full stops and adjectives. Some of the children will now be writing more extended pieces using a range of suffixes, ways to join sentences and different tenses. The children will read individually, in pairs and in a small group (guided reading) every week at school and it is expected that they also read at home at least three times a week- there are lots of reward systems in place to encourage regular reading- it is so very important! Our phonics lessons (We call this ‘Letters and Sounds’ ) will also continue: some children are learning individual letter sounds, some are blending these to make 3 and 4 letter words and others are learning to recognise and use digraphs and trigraphs (2 and 3 letter phonemes eg. ai and igh) in their reading and writing. Some are now looking at suffixes, prefixes and contractions! You will notice your child’s ‘home reading book’ is linked to the Phase your child works on in Letters and Sounds sessions. As the term progresses your child will receive weekly spellings that are also linked to these sounds- please help your child to practice them!


In Maths we are starting the term sorting, counting-forwards and backwards, writing and recognising numbers in numerals and words and representing amounts in different ways (all at differing levels according to the ages and abilities in the classroom). The year 1 children will learn to recognise 1 more/1 less than a number, they will be introduced to < and > and will use ordinal numbers too. The year 2 children will compare, represent, order and add numbers to 50/100 and will be counting in 2s, 5s, 10s and 3s. We are of course very conscious that we might need to recap, reinforce or reteach concepts taught before March- the programme of work we use throughout the school has accommodated for this and provides lots of ‘gap filling’ activities as well as extending those who have really embraced ‘Home Schooling’!

P.E. is on a Monday and on a Friday. Please make sure jumpers/sweatshirts are named- your child is likely to take them off in our P.E. lessons (they always seem to be much warmer than me!) and it is particularly important at the moment that clothes are not muddled.

Our science topics start with ‘Everyday Materials and Their Uses’; we will sort and name materials, look at how materials are used, use scientific vocabulary to describe their properties, devise investigations as to how we might test these properties and how materials can be changed.  After half term we will focus on ‘Scientists and Inventors’, looking closely at Lego, Mae Jamison, Zoos, weather, Sensory gardens, insulation and medicine.

You can see we have a busy and exciting term ahead! If you have any resources eg. books, DVDs, photos or personal experiences that would link to the topics and benefit the children, we’d love to hear from you. Likewise, should you have any questions or concerns please feel free to pop in and see us.


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