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Queen Eleanor Primary School

Queen Eleanor Primary School

Rewards and Sanctions

Reward System

House System

Teams given points

At breaks, lunch or whole school activities points will be awarded for good or caring behaviour, cooperation, polite manners etc…

 Mainly given by midday supervisors and staff on duty.

Points collected on a Friday by year 6 monitors

Points read out in assembly on a Friday and displayed on house board in the hall.

 Cup awarded at end of each half term, decorated with ribbons in the colour of the winning team.

 Winning team to have non uniform day on the next school day.


Individual point system.

Awarded for good work and effort

Merits collated termly and celebrated in the Gold and Silver assembly by giving out plastic award cards.

50 = Bronze, 100= Silver, 150= Gold, 250= platinum.

Whole Class System

It was felt that whole classes should have a system of rewards to recognise and encourage working together and caring for our school. All classes have a marble jar. The children are encouraged to:

1) look out for and help one another and take care of the school (caring)

2) work well together in the classroom and around school (co-operative)

3) are polite, thoughtful and generally well mannered to others (courteous)

Any adult working with the children in school or any adult visiting the school can award Marbles. Once the class achieves filling their whole jar, the class decides on a class activity or trip. The teacher will arrange for the activity to take place.


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